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Schedule A Book Donation Pickup

(Free pickup from the comfort of home)

We have been serving St. Mary's County and Southern Maryland since 2018, taking the hassle out of book donations, and putting unwanted used books back into the hands of readers.  There's something special about books that makes them hard to break up with.. but it's not you, it's them!  Let's face it, it is time to move on and make room.  But don't throw them to the curb, let us help find them a new home. 

It's a simple as scheduling a date, time, and location that is convenient for you, and we will come pickup your unwanted used books for free.

What To Expect

We will arrive at your scheduled time and location to pickup and haul away your unwanted used books at not charge to you.  We will put the books in the hands of new readers, or responsibly recycle them.  Either way, we will relieve you of the burden of book donation and free up extra space. 

How To Pack Your Books

No need to waste too much energy on preparing your books for pickup.  Simply place them in an old box, bin, or bag, or just stack them in an accessible location and we'll do the rest.

Books That We Accept

Nonfiction, fiction, text books, bibles, reference books, novels, children books, and book sets of any kind.  Basically, we will accept any used book that is still intact and is free of significant water damage and mold.  We do not accept magazines, news papers, or any pornographic materials (let's keep it clean folks!) 

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Book Donation Pickup
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