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Book Donation Drop-offs

 (Lexington Park, MD)

We have been serving St. Mary's County and Southern Maryland since 2018, taking the hassle out of book donations, and putting unwanted used books back into the hands of readers.  There's something special about books that makes them hard to break up with.. but it's not you, it's them!  Let's face it, it is time to move on and make room.  But don't throw them to the curb, let us help find them a new home. 

Lexington Park, MD Drop-off Location

Feel free to drop off your used book donations at our drop-off location in Lexington Park, Maryland at any time, and contact us and we will arrange for a drop-off at any local location (work, school, store, restaurant, etc.) that is convenient for you. 

For one-sie, two-sie books, this might be another option...
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